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Star International Impex offers complete solution for Sourcing, Merchandising, Production, Quality Assessment and quality check up to Shipments on board to our overseas buyers. We provide end to end solution for all customer apparel needs.

We are a ONE STOP SOLUTION for Sourcing Agency having our supplier partners across Asia. We have our offices at India in Bangalore, Tiruppur and our partnered offices in China and Bangladesh. Our well experienced staffs are stationed at all sources for managing our production activities on daily basis.

Our transparency in sourcing customer orders helps to drive a deeper understanding of supplier and production which is fully compliant, committed and timely delivered. We can also do products in BCI Cotton, Organic Cotton, Supima cotton, Recycled products, Fair Trade Sustainable products with valid certifications.

We help our clients with their specific strategic production and quality needs to manage aspects of their Asian supply chains at the source. We are seasoned professionals in the industry and that makes our solution cost-effective, flexible and low-risk way of managing suppliers.

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STAR INTERNATIONAL IMPEX – a ONE STOP SOLUTION for all products sourcing including sustainable & supply chain management. We source for all fashion, apparel, textile and accessories. Our wide range of service covers from market intelligence to trend, 3D designs to vendor selection, manufacturing to shipment.
Our customers can encounter below benefits:

Star International Impex Sustainable Product


Looking for Latest Trend in the Market! Our services include market analysis, access latest trends & designs, product development and delivery to our valuable customers. STAR International Impex processes include :


Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs. It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live. Star International Impex aim to use guidelines for environmentally responsible to save our earth and create new sustainable and affordable fashion products for future generation. We focus on creating new products which comes from a natural and sustainable source and also that can be reused, recycled and reborn into a new product.

Star International Impex


Assess Customer Needs

We undertake a strategic assessment of customer apparel product requirement, sourcing needs, manufacturing, logistics and capabilities.

Fabric Selection

Selecting Fabric, a specific fabric or material, customer want incorporated into apparel designs (e.g., cotton, fleece, nylon, denim, leather, suede, etc.). Custom apparel can incorporate a combination of fabrics or materials to create unique designs or purpose.


We carefully choose highest quality factories depending on the needs with high standard in apparel manufacturing process. Our project management make sure that the quality you approved is the quality you’ll receive.  We keep you informed at each step of the development life cycle. 


Once product has been manufactured, our freight and logistics team will be there to ensure that customer shipment is delivered and cleared, duties paid at the port of entry on time and on budget.


Real time status update on Product shipped from manufacturing Facility to delivery address. We do what it takes to navigate the complicated world of international shipping for customer, so that their experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Management support

We are continually providing updates and giving advice where we see additional opportunities. This is really about partnership and understanding customer needs as much as we can. This means periodic catch-up and reviews are constant feature of the service we provide.




Leverage The Cost Effective & Scalable Solution

Star International Impex ensures to negotiate the best pricing for its clients. Our solution provided speed to market and gives access to the resource and expertise they needed not only to identify new and more suitable suppliers but also drive down product costs without compromising quality. 


Design, Trend & Product Development Team In Sourcing Need

We also encourage the dedicated team to understand customer broader business context and retail environment so that they are better positioned to deliver against customer expectations. We provide design inputs and develop products with latest fabrics and sustainable solutions. Also the team works closely with our extensive network of production houses in order to provide customers with quality products in reasonable price. 


A Local Presence Is A Must

There is no alternative to having local, on the ground, capability. Where it can sometimes be prohibitive to establish customer own presence (legal entity), then selecting the right partner will help alleviate the risk, leverage product and operational expertise and provide the visibility that require to manage customer suppliers.

Even what is assumed to be simple can be complicated to overcome such as language and cultural hurdles and the different time zones. We have experience of this and a high level of communication is at the core of what we do and the service we deliver.


Production Management

Star International Impex, production is well managed for our customers. All aspects of production management are served flawlessly and efficiently. From negotiations to communications, order management to planning and scheduling, liaising with various stakeholders with in the eco system. Our global customers can be rest assured that all aspects of production are in safe and reliable hands.


Quality Control

Our experience comes in handy when it comes to Quality Control. We ensure the quality is taken care in every aspect what we do. As we create product for our customers, we create and adhere to quality plan. This includes the quality parameters for all aspects of lifecycle of apparel and fashion. We do a independent 3rd party final Inspection & testing of fabrics and garments before the shipment.


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At Star International Impex, we put our customers first. To this end, our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers. Star International Impex provides direct and complete customer support, across all time zones, from our experienced team via email, phone, or video calls. 

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